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Student entrepreneurs Emma and Robin together with Muris Letic

The university has a department that helps employees and students with their ideas. This department is UiA Nyskaping. Students get counseling, get access to the incubator, and becomes part of the community of student entrepreneurs at the university.

What differentiates Nyskaping from other actors in the innovation ecosystem is that we want to make the threshold to entrepreneurship as low as possible. We offer counseling in the early stages and try to cater to your needs when you start your business. You receive counseling from our student mentor, which are students with experience and knowledge from founding their own startup or working with startups. Student mentors can also help with applications to Innovation Norway, registering your company, etc. Student mentoring is thus both a grat service for student entrepreneurs AND a fun part time job. Together with Shift, we also organize mentoring events where mentors from industry give advice to our student entrepreneurs.

As a student entrepreneur you also get access to Nyskaping’s incubator. This can, if you want, be your office when working on your idea. We have two free-seating offices, one at each campus. You also get access to a meeting room with videoconference equipment. But this is just the facilities. The social aspect of the incubator is even more important. You are surround by other student entrepreneurs going through the same challenges that you are, whom you can always turn to for support and ask for advice.

Muris Letic
Head of UiA Nyskaping Student

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