3 possible career paths after you graduate from Shift

What do I become when I graduate? Is Shift suitable only for those few individuals who would like to become entrepreneurs? Of course not. The competencies and skills you gain as a Shift student is equally valuable in both new and established businesses, and in both the private and public sectors. Today we suggest 3 career paths for you as a Shift graduate:

1) Business Developer

With rapid technological development and an increasing change rate the ability to innovate, develop and change is key for every company. More and more firms are thus bringing in “business developers” – either through hiring business developers or through using consultants with business development competencies. Business developers typically work on developing the firm’s products and services, preparing firms’ for the future by keeping track of trends, develop new solutions, and generally creating value for the firm’s customers – today and tomorrow. A wide range of sectors and industries are hiring business developers, which gives you as a Shift graduate the opportunity to find a job that combines your interests for innovation with the competencies you gained in your bachelor studies, or other possible interests you may have.

2) Startup supporter

Some graduates will work in the various agencies that encourages and enables entrepreneurship (in Norwegian “virkemiddelapparatet”). Examples include the Innovation Norway and local entrepreneurship promoters such as “Innoventus Sør” and “Ungt Entreprenørskap”. Working in these companies involve supporting entrepreneurs on areas such as financing, implementation capacity, value creation, growth potential, sustainability, business model – all of which you will have both practical and theoretical competency on based on your time as a Shift student.

3) Entrepreneur

And of course – if you want to continue developing your Shift start-up, we will continue to provide you with support also after the program has ended. There are several opportunities for continued collaboration and continued support with and from our network.

In conclusion, at Shift you will learn how to start and develop your own business. However, whether you want to use these skills to start your own business, help other startups, or change existing businesses is totally up to you.

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