Shift is right for you if you are motivated to work hard together with others to create new solutions and impactful businesses. You see opportunities where others see challenges and you are impatient to change the world. Ready to apply to Shift entrepreneurship? Read more about who can apply, the admission process, and frequently asked questions below.

Who can apply

Shift entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary program, with people of very different backgrounds. There are three ways in. If you have a bachelor in economics and administration, you will qualify for Shift entrepreneurship and business. If you have a bachelor in engineering or multimedia, you will qualify for Shift entrepreneurship and technology. Shift entrepreneurship and innovation accepts students with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences – which includes areas such as marketing, law, sociology, journalism, education, etc. Read more about rules of admission by clicking the links above.

Not sure if you qualify? Ask us!

Admission process

Deadline for application: April 15th.

After the application deadline we will go through all applications in order to determine whether or not you are qualified. The applicants that move on to the interview round are notified and interviewed within the month of May. In order to be accepted to Shift the interview is very important. The interview is your opportunity to tell us about your personal motivation for applying and your relevant experiences, and to convince us that you have the necessary attitude and endurance to succeed as a Shift student.

Successful candidates are accepted in June.

Read more about the application processes here:
Shift entrepreneurship and business
Shift entrepreneurship and technology
Shift entrepreneurship and innovation


Q: Do I have to have top grades?
A: Shift students generally have good grades, but grades are not the most important to succeed as an applicant. We are looking for students that are highly motivated, entrepreneurial, proactive, positive, and ready to work hard in order to make a difference.

Q: Do I have to have a business idea?
A: No. Shift students are not professional idea creators, but professional idea realizers. During their first semester, Shift students learn how to determine whether an idea has potential through completing multiple feasibility studies. The proposed ideas come from a variety of sources, such as researchers at UiA, businesses in the Agder region, or the students themselves. At the end of the semester, the students are left with a pool of approved ideas that have the potential to develop into impactful ventures.

Q: What language is used at Shift?
A: As Shift is still a “startup” program, we will only accept Norwegian speaking students in the first few cohorts. However, among the world class faculty at Shift you find both English and Norwegian speakers. Consequently, some of the courses might be taught in English, whilst others are taught in Norwegian.

Q: What do I become when I graduate?
A: When you graduate from Shift, you will be a professional change agent. Change agents can achieve great things in both new and established firms. Some will most likely continue the work in the startups they have co-founded during the program, while others will take jobs in more established firms, or go one to start other companies. Relevant positions include, but are not limited to business developer, innovation advisors, commercialization specialists, etc. Further, students with bachelor degrees in business graduate as “Siviløkonom”, while students with engineering degrees become “Sivilingeniør” – which opens up a wide range of occupation opportunities. The students that graduate with a master’s in entrepreneurship and innovation also qualify for jobs requesting competencies at the intersection of their bachelor’s degrees and innovation/change management.