Shift is relying on fruitful collaboration with industry and public experts in a wide range of areas. There are multiple ways to contribute, either as a partner, supporter, mentor, or by suggesting promising ideas for further testing. Do you share our belief in a sustainable future and want to support the next generation of responsible entrepreneurs? We want to talk!

Shift partner

Shift is possible due to the invaluable support from our partners. Shift partners contribute financially and thus enable Shift’s existence. Our partners make a crucial contribution towards a more sustainable future, by enabling our students to realize sustainable and disruptive innovation.

Do you want to explore the opportunity of becoming a Shift partner? Ask us!

Shift supporter

Shift collaborates with several firms and founders that enable us to stay relevant and close to real life. These, so-called Shift supporters contribute to the program by delivering lectures, relevant business cases, potential business ideas, and more. In turn, our students are able to provide fresh insights, raise thought provoking issues, and suggest new solutions.

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Shift mentor

We have a pool of experienced leaders and entrepreneurs who contribute as mentors for our students at Shift. The Shift mentors share their knowledge, network, and experiences, while the students provide new insights and challenges. Each mentor-student relationship is unique, but everyone shares a common goal: enabling each other to make a difference.

Together with UiA Nyskaping we have developed the concept “Mentor for 2 hours”. Within two hours, our students will pitch their business ideas to a room full of potential mentors, followed by a “speed-date” between the students and mentors. The speed-date allows each mentor 10-15 minutes to share their knowledge, contacts and support with our aspiring entrepreneurs. We finish off with food and mingling – and hopefully some students and mentors will decide to continue the mentor-student relationship. 

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Shift students test multiple ideas before choosing which ideas to realize. These ideas are provided by researchers, established businesses, public organizations, or the students themselves. Suggested ideas will be tested in terms of their social, environmental, and commercial potential. If successful, the ideas might constitute the basis for an impactful company of the future.

In order to come up with ideas, we organize a number of “Idea days” throughout the fall semester. On idea day Shift students and faculty meet up with researchers and businesses on alternate sites in the Agder region. The intention of the day is for everyone to work together on real problems in order to generate ideas for further testing and potential realization.

Do you have an idea you want our students to test and potentially realize? Do you want to join or host the next idea day? Let us know.