Idea Day 💡

In order to come up with ideas, we organize a number of “Idea days” throughout the fall semester. On idea day Shift students and faculty meet up with researchers and businesses on alternate sites in the Agder region. The intention of the day is for everyone to work together on real problems in order to generate ideas, which the Shift students follow up with further testing and potential realization.

For fall 2020 we have 5 Idea days planned. These will be focused on different types of innovation such as problem based innovation, user based innovation, and research based innovation. Idea days will also have different foci such as the sustainability development goals, renewable energy, and health. Also, every idea day is organized together with one of our supporters such as UiA CoLAB and UiA Nyskaping.

So far, about 30 businesses have signed up for our idea days, enabling us to connect our students with experts and businesses from a wide range of sectors and industries. Want to join or host the next idea day? Let us know!

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