Say hi to….

…Christina – Shift´s student adviser!

Christina has long experience with student follow-up and advising student entrepreneurs. She is very much looking forward to welcoming the first class of Shift students: 

“What I look forward to the most is to watch the students grow, and to see what amazing businesses and change agents that will come out at the other end. I also look forward to being there for the students, supporting them with whatever they need. 

One of the reasons why I love my job is I find that there is hope in entrepreneurship. Hope for new businesses that can make a positive contribution to the UNs sustainability goals and hope for change agents to change existing businesses to the better. I feel that by offering my professional and personal support to the Shift students, I give them a good foundation to become impactful business developers and entrepreneurs.”

Christina N Larsen Student adviser | Shift entrepreneurship

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