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Another team member ready. Sougand Golsorkhi is our new associate professor in strategy.

With both practical and academic experience in the field of strategy, Sougand will have a lot to contribute when it comes to aiding our students in finding their unique competitive advantage. 

Sougand’s research and teaching are rooted in understanding and, analyses of strategy and entrepreneurship. The direction and scope of  an enterprise over the long term to achieve unique advantage through its configuration of resources within a changing and highly competitive global environment, are important considerations in survival and sustainability of an enterprise. 

«My personal background and academic interests are aligned to explore the notion of competitive strategy, how enterprises manage to be different by deliberately choosing a distinct set of activities to deliver a unique mix of value to meet needs of markets and stakeholders expectations, as their global external environment evolves.»

We are super excited to learn more from Sougand.

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