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As a several months long recruitment process comes to an end we are ready to present one of two marketing professors that will be joining the Shift team – Tobias Otterbring.

With his background in both psychology and consumer marketing Tobias will have a lot to contribute when it comes to enabling Shift students to gain customer insight and conduct effective marketing.

Tobias conducts studies that are often based on field data from actual retail and service settings, such as retail banks, grocery stores, petrol stations, telecommunication stores, furniture stores, sporting goods stores or restaurants – he has even done research on beer. His research focuses on the effects that nonverbal cues (e.g., smiling, physical appearance, interpersonal touch) and physical factors (e.g., height, muscularity, digit ratio) have on customers’ emotions, attitudes, and purchase behavior.

Tobias is an excellent researcher and his work has appeared in top journals such as Journal of Marketing ResearchJournal of Business Research, and Psychology & Marketing. His work has also been featured in outlets including but not restricted to Harvard Business ReviewForbes, and BBC News.

We are beyond excited to welcome Tobias to the Shift faculty team!

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