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… Stine – Head of Shift!

Stine has worked with Shift since it was a vague idea three years ago. Her responsibilities include developing the program, teaching several courses, and following the students from application to graduation.

«Making Shift happen has required tireless work, disregarding rules and changing the status quo – much like any entrepreneurial endeavor. I firmly believe that with the right mindset – including the ability to think differently, see solutions where others see problems, and proactively address emerging issues – you can achieve anything. The purpose of Shift is to equip students with this ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ along with valuable experience, network and skills. Those able to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and combine it with good values and hard work are the ones that will be able to change the world for the better.»

Stine has a PhD in international entrepreneurship and years of experience teaching entrepreneurship to students from different backgrounds. She has also lived and worked in several countries – including Israel, USA, and Belgium – been through the Trainee Sør program, had several board positions, and started her own consultancy firm. In addition to her work as head of Shift she teaches entrepreneurship to bachelor students and conducts research on internationalizing startups and entrepreneurship education.

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