3 reasons to choose Shift

Selecting a master program is not necessarily a simple choice. Will it lead to the job and career you want? Is there a demand for this competence in the market? In the following we present 3 reasons for why we believe Shift is a good choice.

  1. Because you get to make a difference

We can all agree that we need to make a change towards a more sustainable world. We need to change the way we produce, consume, and dispose in order to do something about climate changes and social differences. At Shift we believe in entrepreneurship as a tool to make positive changes through cooperation and responsible innovation. By taking the Shift program you learn how to spot and realize the business opportunities inherent in this change, and thus making a positive contribution to society. 

  1. Because you get practical experience

At Shift we combine theory and practice in every course. You get to cooperate with actual businesses, work on real-life business problems, and most importantly: you start your own business – not for fun, FOR REAL. After two years at Shift you are thus left with a valuable network, invaluable experience from the startup process, AND a degree (including a siviløkonom/sivilingeniør title if you come in with bachelor’s in business or engineering). Finally, you also graduate as the founder of a company, that you can choose to keep working in if you want to continue the entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Because you get degree that enables you to combine your competencies with your interests

The skills you gain as a student at Shift is not industry specific. Rather, you can use your competency to innovate, commercialize, and make changes across industries. Regardless of whether you want to work in your own startup, or be employed by a larger organization, and whatever you are interested in – be it technology, fashion, fishing or music – you can build a career that aligns with your interests.

Shift + Sparebanken Sør 💚

We are happy to announce that Sparebanken Sør is officially a Shift partner. Sparebanken Sør is Agder’s largest local bank and an important contributor to innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. Sparebanken will support Shift with a yearly amount of 1,250 million NOK over a three-year period.

Included in this amount is a yearly innovation award of 50 000 NOK, given to the Shift student team with the most promising business concept.

We are super excited and honored to be supporting the next generation of responsible entrepreneurs together with Sparebanken Sør!

Do I have to have my own idea?

We are often asked whether the students at Shift need to come up with their own ideas to base their business on. The answer to this is no. The business ideas that Shift students work on may come from different sources. They can be provided by the students themselves, but also by researchers at the university, by public organizations and by established businesses. Consequently, the idea testing process is a great opportunity to interact with established companies.

            The idea testing takes place in the first semester. During selected weeks you will be testing dozens of ideas in terms of their social, environmental, and commercial potential. When the testing period is over you´re left with a solid handful of good ideas to develop further into impactful businesses.

            We know that established businesses often come up with new ideas, which they might not have sufficient time or resources to further develop themselves – with the result that a lot of promising ideas are never realized. For these businesses Shift offers an opportunity to bring the idea to life. Read more about how to suggest ideas to Shift here, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an idea you want to discuss.

Shift @ CERN

Bjørn-Tore Flåten (Head of CESI), Gøril Hannås (Vice rector for innovation), Kristina Walker-Nordlöf (Head of Nyskaping Ansatt), Stine Øyna (Head of Shift), Jim Finstad (UiA Lawyer), Hans Kjetil Lysgård (Vice rector for research), and Muris Letic (Head of Nyskaping Student)

This week Shift visited CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. CERN is widely known for it’s Hadron collider – the world’s largest and most powerful accelerator – for developing the world wide web, and for the discovery of the higgs-boson. Today, CERN has also established a flourishing environment for entrepreneurship, commercialization, and business development. The people at CERN clearly share our belief in students’ ability to make impact through entrepreneurship and offer a number of opportunities for those interested. Shift returns to UiA with a lot of input to our courses and with plans for how to introduce Shift’s students to the world-class programs at CERN.

Shift entrepreneurship ready to launch…

We are currently working hard to get Shift ready for the first intake of students in 2020. During the past few weeks we have been creating promotional material – including filming a video, taking pictures, and making merchandize – and we can’t wait to show you how everything turned out. Spoiler alert – it’s awesome.

Over the next weeks we will tell you all about our program, and present the people making Shift happen – including our management team and faculty, our fantastic student ambassadors, and our industry collaborators.

Stay tuned for more exciting information about Shift here on shift.uia.no, Facebook (UiA Shift) and Instagram (@uiashift).

… Shift’s management team.