3 possible career paths after you graduate from Shift

What do I become when I graduate? Is Shift suitable only for those few individuals who would like to become entrepreneurs? Of course not. The competencies and skills you gain as a Shift student is equally valuable in both new and established businesses, and in both the private and public sectors. Today we suggest 3 career paths for you as a Shift graduate:

1) Business Developer

With rapid technological development and an increasing change rate the ability to innovate, develop and change is key for every company. More and more firms are thus bringing in “business developers” – either through hiring business developers or through using consultants with business development competencies. Business developers typically work on developing the firm’s products and services, preparing firms’ for the future by keeping track of trends, develop new solutions, and generally creating value for the firm’s customers – today and tomorrow. A wide range of sectors and industries are hiring business developers, which gives you as a Shift graduate the opportunity to find a job that combines your interests for innovation with the competencies you gained in your bachelor studies, or other possible interests you may have.

2) Startup supporter

Some graduates will work in the various agencies that encourages and enables entrepreneurship (in Norwegian “virkemiddelapparatet”). Examples include the Innovation Norway and local entrepreneurship promoters such as “Innoventus Sør” and “Ungt Entreprenørskap”. Working in these companies involve supporting entrepreneurs on areas such as financing, implementation capacity, value creation, growth potential, sustainability, business model – all of which you will have both practical and theoretical competency on based on your time as a Shift student.

3) Entrepreneur

And of course – if you want to continue developing your Shift start-up, we will continue to provide you with support also after the program has ended. There are several opportunities for continued collaboration and continued support with and from our network.

In conclusion, at Shift you will learn how to start and develop your own business. However, whether you want to use these skills to start your own business, help other startups, or change existing businesses is totally up to you.

Shift 💚 Information meeting

The video is in Norwegian

Yesterday we were supposed to hold Shift information meetings on both the Kristiansand and Grimstad campuses. Due to the Corona-situation we had to think differently, and luckily a combination of Facebook livestream and Zoom made it possible to run the meeting straight out of our home offices . We were super sorry to miss out on the opportunity to meet potential applicants face to face, but happy to still be able to get the information out. If you missed out on the information meeting you can see the video here or on Shift’s facebook page.

Idea Day 💡

In order to come up with ideas, we organize a number of “Idea days” throughout the fall semester. On idea day Shift students and faculty meet up with researchers and businesses on alternate sites in the Agder region. The intention of the day is for everyone to work together on real problems in order to generate ideas, which the Shift students follow up with further testing and potential realization.

For fall 2020 we have 5 Idea days planned. These will be focused on different types of innovation such as problem based innovation, user based innovation, and research based innovation. Idea days will also have different foci such as the sustainability development goals, renewable energy, and health. Also, every idea day is organized together with one of our supporters such as UiA CoLAB and UiA Nyskaping.

So far, about 30 businesses have signed up for our idea days, enabling us to connect our students with experts and businesses from a wide range of sectors and industries. Want to join or host the next idea day? Let us know!

Mentor for 2 hours

Many start-ups benefit from having a mentor, and a mentor-student relationship can be inspiring for both parties.

Together with UiA Nyskaping we have developed the concept “Mentor for 2 hours”. Within two hours, our students will pitch their business ideas to a room full of potential mentors, followed by a “speed-date” between the students and mentors. The speed-date allows each mentor 10-15 minutes to share their knowledge, contacts and support with our aspiring entrepreneurs. We finish off with food and mingling – and hopefully some students and mentors will decide to continue the mentor-student relationship. 

So far, about 30 experienced mentors have signed up. Are you curious about becoming a mentor? Let us know.

“What, why and how”

Last week, head of Shift entrepreneurship Stine Øyna visited Innow‘s podcast “What, why and how” to talk about intrapreneurship – entrepreneurship within existing organizaitons. Innow is one of several excellent student ran businesses related to out student incubator – UiA Nyskaping.

Graduates from Shift has developed the competency required in order to start and develop new businesses, but also to innovate within established businesses. Companies across sectors and industries are facing challenges related to technology, globalization and sustainability and thus need people able to handle these changes. Several companies are now hiring business developers and innovation advisors able to work with renewing status quo. We anticipate that about half of our graduates will be employed by established organizations. In addition to companies aiming to innovate themselves, companies that aim to help their customers to meet the challenges of tomorrow (e.g. PWC or EY) or organizations aiming to help startups succeed (e.g. Innovation Norway) are likely employers of future Shift graduates.

3 reasons to choose Shift

Selecting a master program is not necessarily a simple choice. Will it lead to the job and career you want? Is there a demand for this competence in the market? In the following we present 3 reasons for why we believe Shift is a good choice.

  1. Because you get to make a difference

We can all agree that we need to make a change towards a more sustainable world. We need to change the way we produce, consume, and dispose in order to do something about climate changes and social differences. At Shift we believe in entrepreneurship as a tool to make positive changes through cooperation and responsible innovation. By taking the Shift program you learn how to spot and realize the business opportunities inherent in this change, and thus making a positive contribution to society. 

  1. Because you get practical experience

At Shift we combine theory and practice in every course. You get to cooperate with actual businesses, work on real-life business problems, and most importantly: you start your own business – not for fun, FOR REAL. After two years at Shift you are thus left with a valuable network, invaluable experience from the startup process, AND a degree (including a siviløkonom/sivilingeniør title if you come in with bachelor’s in business or engineering). Finally, you also graduate as the founder of a company, that you can choose to keep working in if you want to continue the entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Because you get degree that enables you to combine your competencies with your interests

The skills you gain as a student at Shift is not industry specific. Rather, you can use your competency to innovate, commercialize, and make changes across industries. Regardless of whether you want to work in your own startup, or be employed by a larger organization, and whatever you are interested in – be it technology, fashion, fishing or music – you can build a career that aligns with your interests.

Shift + Sparebanken Sør 💚

We are happy to announce that Sparebanken Sør is officially a Shift partner. Sparebanken Sør is Agder’s largest local bank and an important contributor to innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. Sparebanken will support Shift with a yearly amount of 1,250 million NOK over a three-year period.

Included in this amount is a yearly innovation award of 50 000 NOK, given to the Shift student team with the most promising business concept.

We are super excited and honored to be supporting the next generation of responsible entrepreneurs together with Sparebanken Sør!

Do I have to have my own idea?

We are often asked whether the students at Shift need to come up with their own ideas to base their business on. The answer to this is no. The business ideas that Shift students work on may come from different sources. They can be provided by the students themselves, but also by researchers at the university, by public organizations and by established businesses. Consequently, the idea testing process is a great opportunity to interact with established companies.

            The idea testing takes place in the first semester. During selected weeks you will be testing dozens of ideas in terms of their social, environmental, and commercial potential. When the testing period is over you´re left with a solid handful of good ideas to develop further into impactful businesses.

            We know that established businesses often come up with new ideas, which they might not have sufficient time or resources to further develop themselves – with the result that a lot of promising ideas are never realized. For these businesses Shift offers an opportunity to bring the idea to life. Read more about how to suggest ideas to Shift here, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an idea you want to discuss.