Shift @ CERN

Bjørn-Tore Flåten (Head of CESI), Gøril Hannås (Vice rector for innovation), Kristina Walker-Nordlöf (Head of Nyskaping Ansatt), Stine Øyna (Head of Shift), Jim Finstad (UiA Lawyer), Hans Kjetil Lysgård (Vice rector for research), and Muris Letic (Head of Nyskaping Student)

This week Shift visited CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. CERN is widely known for it’s Hadron collider – the world’s largest and most powerful accelerator – for developing the world wide web, and for the discovery of the higgs-boson. Today, CERN has also established a flourishing environment for entrepreneurship, commercialization, and business development. The people at CERN clearly share our belief in students’ ability to make impact through entrepreneurship and offer a number of opportunities for those interested. Shift returns to UiA with a lot of input to our courses and with plans for how to introduce Shift’s students to the world-class programs at CERN.

Shift entrepreneurship ready to launch…

We are currently working hard to get Shift ready for the first intake of students in 2020. During the past few weeks we have been creating promotional material – including filming a video, taking pictures, and making merchandize – and we can’t wait to show you how everything turned out. Spoiler alert – it’s awesome.

Over the next weeks we will tell you all about our program, and present the people making Shift happen – including our management team and faculty, our fantastic student ambassadors, and our industry collaborators.

Stay tuned for more exciting information about Shift here on, Facebook (UiA Shift) and Instagram (@uiashift).

… Shift’s management team.